Interns graduating with FHFW ceritificate

Are you enthusiastic? Self-directed? Dedicated? Do you have strong leadership skills?

If so, Freedom House for Women would love to have you apply for one of our many internship opportunities!

Adult Education

Teaching Intern Job Description: (Curriculum is provided for all classes)
The primary activity of a teaching intern is to instruct groups of clients in areas including relapse prevention, parenting, and health-related issues. The purpose of this education is to provide individuals with the tools necessary to change current problems related to unemployment, poverty, substance abuse, social adjustment and lack of medical care. Teachers routinely inform individuals of techniques that help them deal effectively with their daily lives. The clarity and accuracy of the information provided increases the success of individual clients at using that information. Teachers must have a firm understanding of client capabilities, problems, and environmental influences and frequently take notes regarding client progress and outcomes.

Key Tasks:

  • Leading discussion in groups of clients
  • Maintaining records and case notes
  • Preparing for classes
  • Personalizing class discussions to the group
  • Observing client outcomes and assessing class effectiveness
  • Knowledge of the English language and the ability to listen actively
  • Ability to instruct others and have clear communication
  • Ability to be sensitive to interpersonal problems and to perceive and understand others’ reactions to problems
  • Skill of actively looking for ways to help others
  • Skill of critical thinking and the ability to think of different solutions to a given problem


Business Management

Administrative Intern Job Description:
Individuals in this position provide administrative support by answering phone calls, updating logs regarding intake appointments, and assisting in the delivery of services in a non-profit setting. Administrative assistants schedule speakers for class sessions, aid in the development of statistical, and marketing reports, assist in the hiring of other interns, and are responsible for certain fund-raising duties. The position requires a comprehension of appropriate boundaries and etiquette, good communication, as well as the ability to use computers, copiers and fax machines.

Key Tasks:

  • Answering phone calls, directing calls to appropriate parties and taking messages
  • Filing data and performing other routine clerical tasks as assigned
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Proofreading letters and report forms
  • Recording and sorting incoming correspondence, including faxes and email
  • Performing administrative duties for class facilitators
  • Creating templates for business reports and professional letters



Grant Writer Intern Job Description:
The grant-writing intern is responsible for writing and filing grants for Freedom House based on the guidelines and deadlines for grant submission. To do this, they investigate relevant statistics, complete budgets, and use previous budgets and grants as points of reference. Math and computer skills are necessary to access relevant information and to keep a record of grants filed. This detail-oriented position takes an understanding of non-profit issues as well as good communication skills as interns often interact with both the executive director and individual foundations.

Key Tasks:

  • Writing grants using available data such as statistics, budgets, and other previous awarded grants
  • Investigating online sources to assist in grant-writing
  • Maintaining records and a current budget
  • Communicating with individual foundations regarding grants criteria, submissions and follow-up for additional materials if needed
  • Researching and maintaining an up-to-date calendar of grant opportunities via on-line resources


Marketing/ Public Health

Marketing Intern Job Description:
The primary responsibility of the marketing intern is to develop, direct, and implement strategies that promote the services of Freedom House. This typically involves working directly with the Executive Director on marketing activities and policies. In the past, interns have created flyers and brochures to convey the mission of the organization. Current strategies may also include working on marketing templates, creating databases for social service providers and donors, and finding media resources to market Freedom House. Development of the webpage is key; interns maintain an electronic newsletter and calendar to market company services. Marketing interns work closely with the grant-writing staff as they are responsible for the creation of portfolios for potential consumers, donors and other non-profit organizations.
Key Tasks:

  • Work with the Executive Director to identify, develop and evaluate marketing strategies
  • Develop flyers and brochures relating to the mission of the organization
  • Create marketing templates for fundraising and outreach letters
  • Research potential media resources to market Freedom House for Women
  • Develop electronic newsletter and calendar to market non-profit on webpage
  • Create marketing portfolio for potential consumers, donors and other non-profit organizations
  • Create and develop marketing strategies for webpage


Statistics/Public Health

Statistics Intern Job Description:
The statistics intern is responsible for the description of client demographics, analysis of client outcomes such as attendance and relapse, and the further evaluation of service effectiveness. Successful interns in this position are able to create data from behavioral information and present this data to a range of parties including the Executive Director and grant-writers. This data extraction process often involves various data sources and requires accurate and reliable analysis and interpretation. Thus, interns apply mathematical and statistical theory and methods to collect, organize, interpret, and summarize numerical data in order to provide usable information.

Key Tasks

  • Report results of statistical analyses, including information in the form of charts, graphs, and tables
  • Process data for statistical modeling and graphic analysis, using computers
  • Identify trends and relationships in data as well as factors that could affect the results of research
  • Analyze and interpret data to identify significant differences between sources of information
  • Evaluate the sources of information in order to examine limitations in terms of reliability and usability


Intern Application

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